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Everquest is a mmorpg (masive multiplayer online roll playing game), you play a charactor and explore a online world with 1000's of other people, all at the same time. The game can be very time consomuing, but is a blast.

You can see a profile of my charactors on Everquest here:

I also run a small casual guild on Everquest that web page can be found here.

Below you will find a writeup sony did about the game:

Welcome to the world of EverQuest®, a real 3D massively multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game. Prepare to enter an enormous virtual environment-an entire world with its own diverse species, economic systems, alliances, and politics. Choose from a variety of races and classes, customize your character, and begin your quest in any number of cities or villages throughout multiple continents. Equip yourself for adventure, seek allies and knowledge, and experience a rich world of dungeons, towers, crypts, evil abbeys-anything is possible-even planes and realities beyond your imagination. Meet new friends from around the world to face epic challenges. Make yourself a noble human knight, a vicious dark elf thief, a greedy dwarven merchant, or whatever suits your desire.


Everquest Links

Castors Realm - Great place fore Everquest news and spell listings for all classes.

Allakhazam's Magical Realm - Great Place for almost everything, from quests to mob listings.

EQ Traders Corner - Site that specializes in Trade Skills.

EQ Atlas - Map site, all the maps are done by the same person, very good maps.

Ultimate Norath Map Site - if you can't find a map for it, its mapped here!

Lucy - one of the greatest spell database info sites out there!!

Magelo - Great place to list your char profile for everyone to see.

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